I'm Launching a Newsletter

Jacky Alciné

A launch post, tagged under projects, newsletter.

I’ll abide by the CAN-SPAM rules, I promise.


I haven’t been giving myself enough time to write on here. I’ve written pieces for myself in private and other people but it’s nigh time I start using this platform of mine for my intents. That said, I’m launching a newsletter in a few days from the time of writing!

My mission is to send out links and thoughts of the one- to three-week range that I found noteworthy and also allow myself to share the things that’ve allowed me to grow and learn on a consistent basis. This will include things like books, Twitter threads, other blog posts, imagery and more. A lot of the content will be back-posted onto my blog under the “newsletter” category so it’ll be easier to view from a Web browser versus your email clients (if they aren’t in a Web browser, that is).

I’m excited to try this out - hope you’ll join me over the new months!