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Regular People Don’t Give a Shit About Their Digital Security

Regular is a loaded term. However, it stands to say that the general public could care less if your site is using TLS, HSTS, HPKP, etc.

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The title really says it all. If you stopped a random person in the street, I can promise you that they have NO idea of how much in common their phone and Swiss cheese have1. And it’s not only phones; it’s your house PC, your laptops2, your tablets and now even your television sets. There’s a few articles on how the NSA and GCHQ actively bust open what I might refer to as our digital link between people 3 4 5 but it’s just water over heads for some. That’s okay because if anything, it doesn’t immediately affect them according to public belief6. There’s also this idea that if you don’t do anything wrong that you have nothing to hide. It’s yet another silly stance. And it’s kind of something I think that echoes from our legal system. We’ve been told by the highest court on the land in the United States that by default, you’re innocent of any crime presented before you unless evidence can be produced that proves otherwise, Ei incumbit probatio qui dicit, non qui negat for my legal or Latin friends. Despite this being a valid precedent, every single American citizen is currently subject to a random search by the United States government without reason from the NSA or consent from the person in question7. That has to be bothersome to some of you, any of you. It doesn’t help that local law enforcement have been judge and jury when it comes to the murder of citizens, namely African American women, children and men of any age8.

Fortunately, there’s good people out there actively working against the government9 to do what the government’s defense system was meant to do: defend the People. There’s loads of tech and resources out there from people like the EFF and Whisper Systems aimed at making Web traffic a lot easier to encrypt, forcing encryption whenever it’s available and making communication between family and friends more secure. I might have sound very depressing in the statements above and on social media but it’s not impossible. It’s a matter of choice for most people at this point. Either you willingly allow the government to take control of your devices, which can be used against you in the future (or edit your history) and harm those close to you or you can work with people fighting to protect you. Regular10 people won’t care but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve protection. I’m doing what I can by starting off with this post and bringing awareness online. What can you do, we do as a community, continue to do to make these super dangerous issue more important to our community?

  1. Holes, man. The Swiss is good for hiding money, but holes. 

  2. Macbooks are laptops and as of this moment, I refuse to refer to them as the former. 

  3. https://www.theverge.com/2015/2/20/8079083/gemalto-sim-card-gchq-surveillance 

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  6. This reminds me of a popular dystopia novel I once read. 

  7. In short, this is being pwn’d in all four dimensions we live in. 

  8. http://mappingpoliceviolence.org/ 

  9. If I make the government sound evil, it’s because they are. Slavery’s still legal for inmates and up to the 1940s, Blacks were literally powering the nation. 

  10. Regular is really a bad word to use here, but I’m referring to anyone not interested in technology or cares about technology but makes use of it every day.