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Cramming My ActivityPub Project

I made some progress with my C++ library for parsing and handling ActivityPub components. All on camera!

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Earlier today, I livestreamed another session of me working on ActivityPub libraries. The goal of this is to make it easier for me to eventually build in this functionality to a native desktop experience. I still enjoy having that experience! It’s also an exciting time as I get to spend time parsing a W3C document and attempting to implement from what I read online.

So far, the repository has the following things “implemented”:

I use “implemented” because these things are not 100% to the spec and they need more tests. As all software could use. Or deleting lines of code. I forget which one it was.

That said, I do hope that by the end of the quarter, we’d not only having a working implementation but a simple debugging tool that one could use to parse a URI that points to JSON and extract structured information from it.

What’s the Point of this Again?

Oh, yeah. So the goal of this library is to do a few things:

That’s some preliminary stuff. I know that it’s hyper personal to me but truly, once I can close a few Web browsing windows, the better :grinning:. I might be spending less and less on it though, I’m working on making May 2x better than January in terms of my fitness goals.

Let’s get it.