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Project Minimal

Do you really need that?

Let’s make things a bit lighter.

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In an attempt to make things a bit more minimal, I’ve redone the top level of my website with a full page, two column approach. I got the original concept of it from the older version of http://jekyllrb.com; it had a Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde look to it. I loved it and splashed my favorite color on top of it for fun.

This had me realize that imitation is not only the highest form of flattery, but also a good way to practice. Designing that page did reteach me some concepts in centering text and block elements on a web page, something you’d think would be direct, e.g.: vertical-align + text-align. There goes project Minimal!

EDIT 2013-08-31: Now, I dropped the whole two column thing and just have a centered 70% width column with a gutter of 15%. Fluid ftw.