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A New Look for 2014

I released a new design for my site in lieu of the start of 2014.

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Like the new look? It’s the first in a major revamping I’m doing of my personal identity across the Web. In lieu of my want to constantly push out my ideas and projects to the world, I figured that I would use the first result that comes up for me in search results. The biggest thing to note is that everything is lavender! It’s a color that oddly resonates deeply with me and I picked it over navy and black (shades of gray).

Some things I plan to address are mainly computer programming ones, pertaining closely to the use of and writing of software for the Web and potentially mobile as well. I’m an Rails and Symfony application developer now but I’m venturing slowly into Android development out of deep interest of having more power over my mobile devices. I’m also picking up time to work on my personal hacks like Wintermute and KIO::Cloud so expect updates about these in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, I have to delay the release of the app I was planning to push to the Play Store; as I’m working to make it easier to deploy ‘nightly builds’. But do be on the lookout for such a post of mine mentioning an app in my Google+ stream.

Lightly said, I’m turning this up and bringing Jacky back into the blogosphere, although it’s insanely crowded now; but that’s a post!