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cmake.vim 0.5.0 Released

Release information about cmake.vim.

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I’m glad to announce that version 0.5.0 of my plug-in for Vim, cmake.vim has been released! It’s a heavily tested, gut-torn-out rewrite of the plugin and is ready for the public to use. The goal of this plug-in was for complete integration of the CMake build configuration tool within Vim and accompanying plugins like YouCompleteMe, Syntastic and make use of the features that other programs like ctags had to offer without too much heavy wiring into Vim. It should be an plug-and-play solution. Fortunately, if it’s not, feel free to report your issue and get it cracking.

I’m still working on Syntastic support in a pull request so anyone can chime in and add their two cents to things. Glad that this was pushed out, CMake and Vim needed one another. Again, yay!