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Maintaining a Sane Reading List

Who Is Dewey?

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Reading is fun! Kids tend to really enjoy it1, so I’d recommend doing a lot of it. I’ll take a shot in the dark and say that you use some sort of reading list tool to keep a list of things you’d like to finish reading at a later time. Things like Read It Later, or Pocket, Safari’s in-built reading list or Wallabag really make this a lot easier. But when it comes to time to actually read everything in the list; the number of un-read articles get really daunting. At the time of writing, my unread article count in Wallabag is sitting at 1,083 articles. There’s absolutely no way I’d be able to read all of these articles if I had time since most are probably irrelevant by now in terms of interest.

Instead of scrolling through random titles, I take advantage of Wallabag’s ‘random article’ feature to pick an article from the list and present it for reading. This, of course, has its ups and downs. Say that I do this for 10 articles and decide to archive the rest 1,073. I lose out on reading a potentially captivating article that could have changed my life! Given that an article had so much potential; one would think that it’d float back to one’s attention if it was meant to be.

My things is, I still want to read the latest articles I have queued up. So after reading the first 10 random articles; I open up reader views for the top 3 most recent articles and keep them open for idle time. Idle time comes on us all; be it waiting for an instance of Vagrant to warm up or provisioning a machine for the first time2. Idle time could even be whilst you’re eating lunch3. This probably goes back to older habits from junior high school or even high school; provided a chance, I’d read something whilst having lunch. Old habits die hard, no?

  1. So fun that going to your local library turned into an adventure. You should do it too. 

  2. I really need to get on the Docker scene. 

  3. Unless I feel like being social; I’m the kind of person to take his lunch and head back to his their laptop to just read + watch something whilst eating. Two birds.