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Some Reflections

If this ends up being one of those corny “omg 2016” posts, I won’t fault you for not reading the rest of the my posts.

I’m not sure why I wrote this post. It definitely came as a point of reckoning, me attempting to clear my mind a bit.

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In 2016, I’ve met a lot of people with their own objectives, views, identities and politics. A portion of these people are dead and are only remembered via books, film and other forms of media. Others were met in person, with a chance to strengthen bonds like none other. I learned (or was reintroduced) to the fact that a lot of people, if not all, never can be as genuinely open and intentional when they first meet people. I also began to (re-)understand some cracks in my personality and its effects on the relationships I’ve had over the years.

Changing Places

I had a lot of fun at Clef. Outside of the fact that we were coworkers and a team, we are friends! I missed the last Clef Cooks event due to a small gathering in New York City for Good for POC – planning on making it to the next one! I recently had a personal change of scenery - a lot more sunlight (even my desk is naturally lit now) and I have more space to do things I typically went out (and paid money :mask:) to do.

I read a lot. I try to keep progress in my Goodreads account but that’s becoming more and more arduous as the books go by. One book of note was Malcolm X’s biography by Alex Haley. It’s been some time since I’ve read it. This is a formal notice from me personally that this book cannot be used as a means of saying #NotAllWhitePeople. The book never says that about America. But I digress.

I start work (for real this time, I just signed my offer in the last post) with Lyft on January 3, 2017. I’ll be sure to seriously keep you in tune with the things I learn1 at my time at Lyft. One thing that I also did like is hearing about peoples’ times at companies and understanding how growth and the ilk worked there. Lyft already has a lot of information around this - couldn’t hurt to give my view as an incoming engineer.

All of this is to say, 2016 was a rough year in some parts and a blessing in others. 2017, outside of stuff happening after the 22nd of January, is going to be one hell of a year.

  1. That I can legally talk about, of course.