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Starting With a Flash: My New Job

I’ve started work at Shutterstock!

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It was a very interesting interviewing cycle for me. I went through three other companies before this happened; but starting the 21st of April, I’ll be a software engineer at the ever-fabulous Shutterstock! It’s a very big change of scenery for me since I’ve been nose-deep in Ruby and C++ work. At Shutterstock, I’d be using these languages and more to help build the best technology there is when it comes to selling royalty-free images.


I’ll probably document my time and what I learn there every two weeks or so, you guys would be here all the way (just with no work, haha). One thing I had to do was prep my shell environment for more agnostic work across different languages. Things like Vim were starting after a minute on a cold boot and bash took forever and a week to start. After a hour or so in #vim on Freenode, I managed to get it up and running in a third of a second, with a cold boot of 9 seconds. Magic! I didn’t get to do that to my Bash setup yet; but it’s relatively quick; about two seconds cool boot and a third of a second for a warm start.

Let the fun begin! Snap on (I guess, haha)!