Stop Writing Tests For MVPs

Jacky Alciné

A rants post, tagged under testing, mvp, side project.

I’ve attempted to work on a few side projects for close to a year now. The biggest roadblocks weren’t prototyping interfaces or hammering out user feedback. It was always around me attempting to debug and capture test cases that didn’t exist.


So I’ve recently soft-launched something. It’s far from complete. Actually, that version of the page is the fourth attempt. I definitely suffer from a bit of perfectionism but recently, I’ve really unlocked something when speaking with friends. Two of them, Iheanyi and Reggie really spelled it out for me: stop writing tests. This was specifically in the context of working on software that hasn’t even seen the public eye.

I kept writing test after test, mock after mock, for things I wasn’t 100% sure that I’d be using in production. That was the true kicker1; that I wasn’t even sure that what I was testing was even going to affect the user!

No more, I say! No MORE!

  1. This is also the true moral of this post.