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Why I Code: The Start

Explaining the story of how I got introduced to software engineering and computer programming.

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I don’t really know when I started. I typically tell people 2006 only because that’s when I started to use tools designed for programming instead of just Notepad and Internet Explorer.

And also because it’s when I began tinkering with compiled languages, specifically C++. All of the HTML, CSS and JavaScript I knew was done mostly through experimentation and a lot of searching the Web. My father noticed my ‘extreme’ (as he put it) interest in programming and gave me his introductory C++ programming textbook from class. The disc came with Visual Studio 2005 and to this day, I have to applaud the comprehensive nature of Visual Studio. The IDE gave me a foundation good enough to grow as a language learner. I started from the front of the textbook and did as many problems as I could. Going back and revisiting some cases presented in the book allowed me to grow a bit with each turn. Eventually, I couldn’t learn any more from the book. It was, after all, an introductory course, and my father didn’t have any more books.

By this time, it was about 2008. Again, these thoughts and moments evade me but I remember reading somewhere about the world of software and the open source nature of things. It was divided (so I thought) down the middle between open and closed source software. That was how I came across the open source operating system [Ubuntu][]. It looked very easy to use and it didn’t seem to require too many work to keep it going. I downloaded the system into an CD image on the house machine and tried it in VirtualBox. I was stunned that this stuff was out there and no one informed me. The menu layout, panels, widgets, everything had me fall more and more in love with not only Ubuntu but open source technologies as a whole. I believe it was in the month of August of 2010 that I finally and fully adopted open source technology for every aspect of life in tech.

That was the start.