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Why I Want A Job

Oh boy, a job! A tax deductible job!

I hear that you have a position open.

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At the time of writing, I’m unemployed. My LinkedIn profile says otherwise, but I’m slowly squeezing out my savings as we speak. Being twenty and still living with your parents has its ups (and its downs, oh man the downs). But it’s definitely about time I got my hands wet with something I’d want to work on.

Before I continue, I have to admit, I had two opportunities to work in some established startups. The only problem was my lack of knowledge of certain paradigms like the Facade or the reason why Node seems to be such a magical god send.

Nowadays, I’ve been urged to join a fellowship of sorts, first the Theil Fellowship, [Hacker School][], and a few others. I turned them down out of a lack of a big idea idea I was willing to turn into a lucrative business. That’s not my end goal, to make money off of people. I want to make some software that’s inseparable, something that makes you wish that you made it yourself!

At the same time, I don’t have those skills. I don’t have the necessary knowledge to build stuff at the speed of demigods building kernels for the hell of it. I’m still a developer in training and that’s why I’d want training in a bit of a stressful, deadline paced environment, aka, a workplace.