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xf86-networktablet Packaged in Ubuntu

Use that Android tablet (or phone) of yours as a drawing pad for your Ubuntu desktop!

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There’s some awesome dudes out there in this big ol’ rock. rfc2822 had the nifty idea of building out a module for Xorg that can turn your Android device into a drawing tablet. There’s more about it on the blog post he wrote. I had to make some edits to the original packaging to make it a bit niftier for building; tells you what you need to build!

I took the liberty of taking such an awesome project and packing it up into a nifty PPA for Ubuntu. For now, it’s in my personal stable PPA. The source of the Debian packaging for the PPA is hosted on Launchpad.

After this, you’d need to apply these settings directly by logging off and back on. That’ll be enough to restart the Xorg session and load the new module. The only application so far that seems to even consider the use of this seems to be GIMP, but there’s more practical implications for this. For example, my Google Nexus seems not to fare well with this tool and instead moves the mouse around. Haven’t figured out why it does there, but I figured that packing and sharing would make it something more viable and reveal more bugs to be fixed.