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As an experienced full-stack software developer, I can provide you and your team with tools and products that meet and exceed the expectations you have.

One of my many passions is the Web. Its ability to expand and send information faster than we can physically is causing amazing shifts in how we view the world. I enjoy being able to work on tools and utilities that help improve the landscape.

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You can hire me for ongoing consulting projects, week- or month-long sprint projects or full-time. My area of focus revolve around the following:

API Performance & Visibility

With my background, I’ve seen and implemented plenty of solutions that aim to improve performance of your server-side application issues. Working closely with application performance monitor tooling I can provide and set up for your teams to make the more appropriate choices for your product.

Reusable Software

Good carpenters measure twice then cut once. I aim and deliver software that, when the case arises, can be used in other situations across the organization such that one interface of it can be expanded for the use-cases of others. This folds into my heavy use and reliance on open-source software and my yearn to contribute as much as I can to it to ease the development cycle for developers.

Well Networked

Not even going to front, I’m a software developer. I’m not a designer or a UX expert. I’m fortunate, however, to have a lot of industry-leading individuals in my corner to help you figure out where you stand with your project design. That coupled with my solid understanding of translating design needs and requirements into engineering goals makes the whole process seamless.

Avid Learning

I’m still looking for projects that I haven’t been able to pick up yet! I learned how to maintain and handle Android applications on the fly in the past. It’s now something I work on for side projects and keep a tuned ear towards.

All Sounds Good?

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