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In conjunction to working as a skilled software engineer, Jacky has worked in classrooms with youth ranging in grades 5 - 12 on introduction to software courses. He takes the experiences and educational tracks of his life to connect to youth in a more colloquially reputable fashion. I’m eager to expand this part of my background, please reach out to me about roles!


Instructor, AdHoc Study Group

From Feb 2012 until Jan 2013

A few friends and parents got together to teach some local youth about game development. The goal was to have them going from knowing nothing about software development or game theory to building a simple 2D side-scroller. We met at the Youth Space in Central Library of the Brooklyn Public Library branch. About ten kids (aged from 12 - 16) met regularly and would go through guided coursework to learn how to build games using Phaser. I focused on the game engine logic and helping students that fell off from instruction paths or who wanted more insight. Technologies: Phaser.Js

Instructor, Vettio Outreach

From Nov 2013 until Jan 2014

A friend connected me with a set of youth at his former high school to introduce them to computer science (namely algorithms). We met twice a week as part of an after school program. The classes were terminated after a brief run due to the holidays in New York City and dropping off of interest from the youth. Technologies: JavaScript

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