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Jacky works as a skilled software developer focused on Web technologies. He also has experience working on the Android mobile operating system. He favors working in an environment that encourages mentors as well as other code practices that allow for highly efficient and excellent products to be released.

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Senior SWE, Platform, Lob

From December 2017 until July 2018

I worked on the Platform team that aims to maintain nothing but an excellent user experience for our self-serving customers as well as keeping our API performance to the highest of standards in the industry. Two projects of note were around extending finance related tooling and laying groundwork for extending enterprise security-related features.

SWE (Server), Communications Platform, Lyft

From Janaury 2017 until September 2017

I worked on the Notifications team (now known as the Communications Platform) that handled all of the incoming and outgoing forms of messaging that users of the Lyft platform dealt with. This ranged from telephony software that routed calls from drivers to passengers as well as communications to passengers from Lyft about states of their account. I introduced the base of template tools that would be used to handle semantically relevant content to users.

I also sat as a co-lead on the Lyft Black ERG, Uplyft Forward. I introduced two community building events around media, pop culture and social interactions that allow fellow Black employees of any organization within Lyft to find a sense of community amongst one another. I also facilitated an internal teaching around the genesis and prevalence of Juneteenth, allowing allies and identifying members alike to learn about the importance of said event.

SWE (Server, Web, Android), Clef

From November 2015 until November 2016

In my year at Clef, I was given the opportunity to work on all aspects of the platform. This ranged from the Android platform where I was tasked to incorporate new features that aligned the emerging device support of newer Android versions as well as adding feature parity for discovering new applications Clef supported. I had a hand in moving from on-the-metal development to the VM-based systems which gave way to the Docker-based infrastructure Clef runs today.

As part of my initial work on Android for Clef, I wrote out the SDK used for another product Clef launched called Instant 2FA. It was designed to be a drop-in module using RxJava and other libraries for high performance and an elegant user experience.

SWE (Server, Web), Whose Your Landlord

From June 2015 until October 2015

Notable Points:

  • Introduced new listing aggregation tool levering current asynchronous architecture.
  • Implemented foundation for testing around listing discovery.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, RSpec.

SWE (Server, Web), Freelancing

From January 2015 until July 2015

Notable Points:

  • Implement reproducible, custom solutions powered by Ruby web servers and single page applications to deliver unique platforms for customers.

Technologies: Heroku, Ruby, Sinatra, Express, Backbone.js

SWE (Server, Web), Shutterstock

From April 2014 until December 2014

Notable Points:

  • Built an acceptance suite for the Contributor web application.
  • Created a bridge a caching layer, a CMS and the view layer for low-load view updates for product.
  • Worked on the decomposition of the monolithic structure of the Contributor layer to provide compartmentalized applications where deemed fit.

Technologies: Perl, Dancer, Ruby, Cucumber, Express, Memcached, Puppet

SWE (Server, Web), Freelancing

From March 2013 until November 2013

While freelancing for Aquent, I worked on a plethora of projects for different companies like Bareburger, Paddle8 and [Horizon Media][].

Notable Points (at Bareburger):

  • Introduced flexible tool for adding new restaurant listings to Web for Wordpress.
  • Provided a means to aggregate statistics collected from local chains to central hub for viewing.

SWE (Server, Web), Viridis Learning

From June 2012 until Jan 2013

At Viridis, I wrote out the foundation - API, client side interactions, you name it. I also created an ingestion tool that took content and made it compliant with the TinCan specification for educator software.

Technologies: Heroku, Ruby, Sinatra, Express, Backbone.js, Ruby on Rails, MySQL

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