Jacky Alciné.

As a forewarning: The lives of those oppressed by the current power structure that exist today and have existed for centuries are the ones I curate my content on this site for primarily. The lives of all Black and Brown lives matter on this platform. They will always. Asè.

Jacky Alciné is a developer and educator.

Jacky is a software developer that focuses on the ease of access of user security on the Web as well as digital literacy for silicon based consumer networked electronics (or "tech"). My mission is to carry out the objective of my ancestors and elders: to focus on the liberation of my people and the restoration of the legacy of the descendants of the Afrikan Diaspora.



I keep a weblog largely focused on technology but now introducing more essays on things I should have written if I went to school. The last thing I've written was I'm Launching a Newsletter.

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Below are a few articles in which I've been quoted and/or referenced that are noteworthy to me:


I've given talks and presentations at SXSW, WaffleJS and on behalf of YesWeCode.

Yes We Code Education Panel

A panel discussion about the impact of technology and how it can accelerate learning in Oakland public school systems.

Bay Area Black Designers Panel

A monthly meetup led by talented Black designers in the Bay Area aiming to build solidarity, skill sharing and a tight-knit community.


A talk about the need for 2FA in the hardware space to be used more often in companion to software tools to mitigate attacks against online accounts. The slides are available here.

SXSW 2016

I was invited to speak on a panel about the effects and implications of racially charged data models used to arrest youth, tag photography and more.

GoodForPoc West Coast launch

An inaugural event held at GitHub SF for the launch of GoodForPoc in the West Coast.