Picture of Jacky sitting looking to the right of the frame.

Hey there.

I'm Jacky.

I write on this website to share my stories to the world. I've been doing it since 2010. This site is a Level 1 IndieWeb site.

I recently wrote A Few Hours before Twenty Five . I have more posts available as well.

I'd talk more about myself on my home page but that'd detract from other parts of my site. I have pages that tell you what I use, what I tend to do during the day, how to stay in touch even what I'm doing now. Lastly, I've created a place for you to reach out to me. I want this site to be a decent reflection of myself but also provide value to you. Let me know what helps you be a better you.

Got an app idea or need some coding done? I can help! Learn more about how you & I can work together.