Black. Ayisyen. Autodidact. Comic junkie.

I'm a software engineer that focuses on ease of access for user security on the Web as well as digital literacy for silicon based consumer networked electronics (or "tech"). My mission is to carry out the objective of my parents and that of my ancestors: to focus on the liberation of my people and the restoration of the descendants of the African Diaspora.

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Media Aficionado

I like movies and television, especially ones that focus on comics, Blackness or the intersection of the two. You can check out what I'm watching on Trakt.tv or TVShow Time.

(Not) Looking for Work

I'm currently not looking for full-time work.
Considering taking me on for client work? Check out my workplace values then send me information about your position.

Let's face it. Thanks to capitalism, in order to live in a socially "acceptable" lifestyle, you need a job, although it seems like even that might be not a solution.

I wrote about my career progression in the software development industry.
I currently work at Lyft.