It's good to be back!


I am a full-stack software engineer focused on the Web and Android platforms.

Need a resume? Hit me at yo ATCHA jacky DIZZOT wtf with a mention of your interest in it and I'll send it your way!


It's good to be back!


I have worked as a software engineer for since 2011 at companies like Google, Horizon Media, BLS, Shutterstock and Clef. I currently am working as a software engineer at Lyft.


The work I've done was written in Perl, JavaScript, Python and Ruby. C++ is the one language I've worked with on personal projects but have not used in a production environment.

I'm currently working on grasping Elixir and Rust as new languages of use.

It's good to be back!

Workplace Values

After working at Clef, I learned a lot about the importance of having enforced company values that not only focused on the product but also on how each employee interacted with one another. Below are some things I look for in companies I work at and plan to work with in the future.