It's good to be back!


I am a full-stack software engineer focused on the Web platform. I also focus on decolonized education for Black and Brown youth in the realm of history and computer science.

Need a resume? Email me with your request and I'll send you the relevant bits of my background. You could also look on LinkedIn.


It's good to be back!


I have worked as a software engineer for since 2011 at companies like Google, Horizon Media, BLS, Shutterstock and Clef. I currently am working as a software engineer at Lyft.

I've done mentoring with youth and adults alike with amazing programs like Black Girls Code and Yes We Code.


The software work I've done was written in Perl, JavaScript, Python and Ruby. C++ is the one language I've worked with on personal projects but have not used in a production environment.

I'm currently working on grasping Elixir and Rust as new languages of use.

It's good to be back!

Workplace Values

After working at Clef, I learned a lot about the importance of having enforced company values that not only focused on the product but also on how each employee interacted with one another. Below are some things I look for in companies I work at and plan to work with in the future.