A big thank you to everyone who's helped me reach my current fundraiser for support. I couldn't have done this without y'all.

I get frustrated when I do read that people avoid any kind of literature because it doesn't engage them the same way video (or just filler content with ads, tbh) does. I understand that (and am a product of) schooling that encourages us to HATE reading as much as possible, especially recreationally. Recently, after picking up Abolish Silicon Valley, I was reminded of how much I was reading before; things like the late David Graeber's Debt: The First 5,000 Years, Will Stronge and Kyle Lewis in Overtime and especially Hadas Thier's amazing book A People's Guide to Capitalism. These books have a common theme, but they validate my lived experiences that demand a better state of being for everyone. It's nuts to keep moving and not wanting better AND not even attempting to look for better options. It's self sedation. I want better for all of us.

Once in a while, I'd think about how we could house and feed everyone in the world, but we spend more money on war, convincing people that luxury levels are a “thing” we should aim to have/go for and that it's always a good idea to take from people versus working with them. Thanks, Adam Smith and Satoshi Nakamoto, y'all done so much “good” for the world.