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So, this is the “sauce” of my site. I've had websites here and there for some time and this latest form is no different. It's meant to be a place for me to express my thoughts, ideas and experiment. This page in particular is where I explain what I use to get there; if you're interested.

The site's running Shock, a personal website that uses IndieWeb standards for all of its core functionality. I'm using my own theme that I've written for it named after my favorite comicbook superhero, Virgil Ovid Hawkins. I test the limits of this system by running it myself. I'm working on implementing a hosted service where people can get their own instances in the future.


Outside of some CSS libraries used and some additional incorporation of snippets from the Web, everything else is hand-rolled and then transpiled for use against "popular" Web browsers. The typeface used for headings is Actor, the code in Fira Code and the text in Manrope under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1.


I pay Plausible to handle tracking of my website. I don't have any real interests in selling your information and neither does Plausible (at the time of writing). I respect their mission and after being very on the fence about analytics, have decided to go with them. I've made the dashboard public for everyone else to visit as well. For example, here's what traffic from Twitter looks like.


My site and the services I choose to self-host all live on DigitalOcean, a provider I've been using for years. I keep my domains in DNSimple but tend to run to IWantMyName if I can't find an option in the former and use DNSimple as a central dashboard.


Mainly because I like to but also because I can and want to keep my data as in-house as possible, I tend to self-host quite a few things.

  • A Gitea instance at for all of my personal code use.
  • A Drone instance at for handling CD of things I have on my server (like this site).
  • Headess application management using Dokku; an amazing project.

You might also be interested in what I use and what I'm currently doing.