Poll: How much coffee you drink in a day?

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How much coffee do you drink in a day?


  1. 0 cups
  2. 1 cup
  3. 2-3 cups
  4. 4+ cups

I will tally the results after one week and share them on my blog. This is the first Webmention poll so my sample size may be small. Nevertheless, I am excited to see the results.

byJames • posted archived copycurrent

As I'm not a big coffee drinker, I'll vote for no cups. I grew up drinking tea a lot and outside the occasional cup of coffee for my mom, I haven't really had any!

a central challenge I face in software and in life is the fact that I find creating thrilling, but maintaining tedious. starting a new project? fun! fixing bugs in an old project that other people use? tedious... setting up a new laptop? fun! tending to my laptop's failing battery? tedious...

creating things is fun, but maintaining things is incredibly useful, I would argue more useful than creating in the first place. I'm trying to be better about finding joy in maintenance.

byRamsey Nasser @nasser@merveilles.town • posted archived copycurrent
This is deep. I do feel capitalism plays a role into this (from a social aspect) where the act of getting something new or doing something semi-novel is celebrated but having to keep what you want/need around is slightly antithetical to it so we're conditioned to be disgusted about it. Not to ship/praise the company, but after getting a Framework laptop, though slightly constrained on the tweaking, I pop it open like once a week just to glance at the parts and appreciate the craftsmanship that's gone into it. There's definitely a cultural thing to just appreciating what we have that's missing.
I can't find the link in my bookmarks or in my saved articles, but I know someone's shared something on some platform/network about how (commercial) open source is partly polluting the commons and forwarding the wants of capitalism. I want to read it again to gain some bearings on how I should go forward.

@jalcine see also: the latest violence against women and trans people

byAriadne Conill @ariadne@treehouse.systems • posted archived copycurrent
Tbh, that's what prompted this post. Violence doesn't seem to be a thing people grasp (until they're the recipients of it) if it's not the kind that they see in the media—which is such a psyop/bad thing. Like I don't want to believe it's a psyop, but it really feels like it.
Real talk, America has no problem with violence. We spend so much of taxpayers' dollars on every level of the State on it. If anything, the government's getting annoyed that people are trying to speak on it and want to squelch as much as possible without looking like they're enabling it.
Her name is rose!?! Soooo interesting. I don’t know how I feel about that part, I’d love for her to get her own story, but if they give her space to come into her own without modeling off of Billie Piper I’m game!
bydawn • posted archived copycurrent
Big same!

Streaming the Steam Deck to OBS

Streaming the Steam Deck to OBS

Valve was kind enough to send Steam Deck devkits to Arch Linux maintainers and developers which gave us an opportunity to mess around with the device. Personally I find it a bit fun to mess around with video streaming, thus one of the first things I wanted to try figure out was how I could stream the gamemode on the Steam Deck. Installing the OBS flatpak and adding it to the menu doesn’t actually work so we sadly have to be a bit more clever.
by linderud.dev archived copycurrent
Once my Deck arrives, I'll be looking to see if I can automate some of these steps. Even considering doing a remote activation.
Waited so long. I'm too excited for this.
by • posted archived copycurrent
There goes any chance of me doing anything outside of work, lol. Having my entire library available in a handheld factor is really all I wanted. And being able to play almost any game in the world? Even better.