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Defining the Base Parameters for a Webmention Callback Payload

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I'm looking for the minimal viable set of fields that should be expected when receiving a Webmention callback. This is specifically when a callback has been sent during an outgoing Webmention request. The fields I've seen used so far were source, target and status using the values from the HTTP status code.

What I think about doing is the following:

  • Using `X-Webmention-Status` to highlight the current status of the Webmention.
  • Using rel="status webmention-status" in my headers and HTML to allow for the discovery of the Webmention status page
  • Providing a link relation for the Webmention status page that's rendered in JSON and uses the same fields expected when informing a callback URL of the status of a Webmention to allow for pulling of that information.
  • Using the fields as the body for a JSON form of the status page

The body would look like:

POST /webmention/callback
Host: lighthouse.example

   "source": "http://source.example",
   "target": "http://target.example",
   "vouch": ["http://v1.com"],
   "status": 200

200 OK

Thinking about using the following status codes:

  • 200: Completely processed and capable of being presented. This SHOULD not take into account things like visibility, moderation, and audience controlling.
  • 201: Validating and potentially in a queue to be processed.
  • 400: Invalid request.
  • 401: Needs authentication.
  • 429: The parameters were good, but the request couldn't complete (invalid vouch, URL not allowed to take in Webmentions, no target found in source, etc.)


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