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@jalcine@todon.eu TikTok has the best in-app video editing tools I've ever seen. It really is quite impressive.But yeah, I agree we're getting closer to ubiquitous multimedia. All the tools are there.RE: Real question: who's working on a visual editor that could rival things like Instagram or TikTok? I know this is the text land, but this space is going to (slowly) die out in twenty years if it doesn't try to align with the graphical space that we're in when it comes to sharing media. I picked up Instagram today and the simple means of making a text post or overlaying it over a video felt more … it felt way more human. You can hear my voice and see my face (though just my voice makes it more human IMO). Having auto-transcriptions/captioning is a big boon as well. (https://jacky.wtf/2023/5/op9G)
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The sooner the better! I can't even lie, BlueSky, as mentioned in https://todon.eu/@Zee@social.coop/110437000963243438 is in the best place to have this just work.

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