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So I'm seeing https://fiatjaf.com/ab1127fb.html pop up on my reader and of course, I got comments.

No serious competitor is likely to step in and build serious apps using a protocol that is directly controlled by Bluesky.

None has to; bridges can be made that makes them more viable. And again, let's be honest. We live in a society that puts celebrities, politicians and brands on a pedestal. BlueSky (the company) is not against that, and we have seen no shortage of the ilk on there. As far as my views goes, I'm not going to also balk at the current state of affairs, especially given how social media is designed today.

They decided to adopt this method as a placeholder until someone else doesn’t invent the impossible alternative that would provide all their desired properties in a decentralized manner

This isn't impossible per se. And nor is BlueSky seemingly interested that deeply in it. They made it clear that this flagship was meant to be centralized to iron — no, they can read on their own.

[..] other things that are typical of centralized networks and can’t be reliable or exact on truly open networks (like Nostr)

NGL, I stopped reading here. Deeming Nostr as the bastion of the solution when it avoids any sort of moderation by design (the last time I checked, especially since it preaches its anti censorship mantra with no mention of individual content protections) is enough for me to not take this seriously.

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