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Automerge 2.0 is here and ready for production. It’s our first supported release resulting from a ground-up rewrite. The result is a production-ready CRDT with huge improvements in performance and reliability. It's available in both JavaScript and Rust, and includes TypeScript types and C bindings for use in other ecosystems. Even better, Automerge 2.0 comes with improved documentation and, for the first time, support options for production users. archived copycurrent

I know this isn't the goal of Treesitter (as far as I can tell), but could it work in place of language servers to some extent? I do hope there's a way to divest as much as possible from Microsoft's ever-growing tentacles into development. We're still on the second E.

Attempting to recenter an inquiry into decolonization around colonizers (and descendants thereof) is the work of maintaining said colonial influence. It's very clear when the majority of "accessible" content is written under the influence of Anglo-Saxon nations - especially ones with histories and active backgrounds in colonial (neo or not) activities. It's nigh time for history to reflect that not of the "victor" but that of those who had to experience the pain forced on them.

Finally got that tracking number from Analogue for the Pocket. Now I'm immediately going to see how does one make games using GB Studio for the lulz.

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It came today! And it immediately got chipped on the screen and dented a bit. I guess that's one way to mark it as "used". I've been playing a few games I found on (here's the collection: Down to quickly play (< 10 minutes) some suggestions people have. Only thing I'd want is some form of wireless adding of games or content to the Pocket; that'd be cool - but swapping the SD card in and out isn't the hardest thing in the world, especially since my Framework laptop has a SD card expansion card in it.

To retro (and modern) gaming on this device! It's more fun than I anticipated (and I already can feel my hands beginning to slightly cramp up, heh).

I needed to find a copy of my Twitter profile that had the date I created it (I definitely do not have the archive for it) for this thing coming up. But it confirmed what I was thinking. I joined Twitter about two years into high school (June '09). Left it for good last month. That's thirteen freaking years.